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Great American Bail Out

Yikes! The Market plummets, Europe steps into boost the economy! Was that 777.78 points down boys and girls? The only consolation at this time is, we are making history! This is what history making looks like when you are living it. When I say my grandmother raised a family during The Great Depression it sounds like great history but my grandmother wasn’t feeling that way. When I say my father froze his back side in the Ardennes during the Battle of Bulge that makes for a good story but my “dad” didn’t think that glamorous.

The news (if you can believe it) says this is all a case of Capitalistic greed. Hmmm? Well this didn’t happen overnight so how come no one caught it sooner? I know! Lets do the American thing, lets blame someone for it. I don’t know about all of you but I am not pleased my retirement is going up in flames. That the cost of living is soaring while many fear for their jobs and homes. My point is, history making isn’t pleasant while it is happening and what we do while we are living it is the big question isn’t it? (After the markets closed, the Dow had fallen a staggering 777.68 points to finish at 10365.45 – surpassing the previous worse point-drop in 2001 of about 684 points.)

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