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Thanks for visiting my blog. I am Amanda otherwise known as a “Tigger” because I am always bouncing from here to there. Even at my age you would think I would slow down but I am still bouncing around. That said, let me tell how I came to decide on doing this blog.

I am a “50-something” typical baby boomer. I find that writing how women in the 50 plus age group see life seems like a “good thing”. When I turned fifty is when I began to flower into who I will be when I grow up. As a typical girl in the sixties and seventies I married too early, had children while I was still a child and put a lot of my dreams on the back burner to get to the business of mothering and being a wife. Along with that came financial responsibilities so employment and career choices were needed as well.

But the “wild” child who grew up in Washington State never left me. I had the wonderful opportunity of growing up so close to mountains I could hike and camp in the early years. Then we moved to Nevada, California, Texas, and Utah and at this point I was not “we” anymore I was “I”. I was divorced, my two kids grown up and on their own. Now it was my turn to find out what I want to do when I grow up. After a good year of mourning my empty nest I found I love ballet, opera and yes, still camping and hiking. I found I love art and good food. The “granola” in me though buried, came back out. And that is where I sat content to “find” myself for about ten years.

Entering another surge I moved to Florida to remarry after ten years of singleness from there promptly moved to Brussels Belgium for six years. That is a story all onto itself. Back to America we came six years later ending up in the Montgomery Alabama area and so here I am!

I go to college, working on a history degree (history is a life-long love). I run a Master Gardener Helpline for gardening questions, and work part time. Have beautiful grandchildren, great kids and a supportive partner. And I have two dogs that are my boon companions who sleep under my desk while I churn out my creative ideas or study for classes. My family is my biggest fans. They cheer me on to do whatever I choose, make me feel special that I can accomplish whatever I want. I am very lucky.

One of my great kids convinced me that I could and should do a blog so here I am. Sharing with you and having the time of my life! Enjoy what you read, comment where you want to and submit suggestions if you want! I love interactive stuff so hearing from you, dear readers, tells me what you enjoy and what to share!

Thanks for visiting and y’all come back now!

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