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Bling is that showy display of one’s means of living.  It’s a way of saying “Hey I am successful!” or “This is who I am!”  The older we get, however, the more we start to realize that having lots of shiny jewelry (or other material things) isn’t what makes the woman (or man).  We spend time from the ages of 13-19 in puberty then ages 20 to 40 finding our way–defining ourselves with our education, our career, and our possessions.  After age 40 we start to realize that we have only made it halfway, and there is still a lot more living to do.  By this time we’ve learned a few lessons, gained some success, and have reached a point that we redefine our motivations.  So naturally, our definition of “Bling” changes as well.

My Bling is my gray hair.

You can start to  get your crowning glory of gray at any age.  Personally, I started going gray in my 20’s. I tried unsuccessfully to cover it up for years, but by the time I was in my 40’s I realized it was just too damn much work. So I gave up dying it and spent the better part of a year watching my gray roots overtake my auburn-dyed locks.

Contrary to what I expected, I experienced a huge emotional release.  No longer was I wasting my hard earned money on two to three dye jobs a month, but I also found that dying my hair made me feel like I was hiding my real self.   To this day, I am not sure what I thought covering my gray was suppose to do for me; but what I do know now is what NOT covering my gray has done.

My Bling is out there for all to see–brilliant, true, and wise.  I am making the statement: I am here! Baby Boomer in full view enjoying this period of life!  And man, do I love gray hair. It is the prettiest color I have ever had. I have had people come up to me in a crowd and ask if they can touch it.

So the next time you baby boomers see someone wearing all that Bling point to your head say, like I do, I am Baby Boomer, hear me roar here is my Bling and it is both mine–and free (in more way than one).

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