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The Impatient Gardener: Dividing Daylilies

There are three good reasons to divide your daylilies: first, to control the size of the plants; second, to rejuvenate them; and third, to increase their number. Daylilies are hardy and extremely tolerant of dividing. So when should you divide them for the optimal color?  Fall!

Remember those beautiful flowers are best divided when the flowers have faded.  Doing so sends all the energy to the bulbs and leaves for growth. That means you get to really enjoy your blooms before you do the dirty work.

When you’re ready to divide, start by watering the plants thoroughly so that ground is easy to work. Prune the stems and foliage to about 6 inches above the ground for ease of division. I always use a garden fork to dig out the roots for separation. Then shake the bulbs loose of dirt.

If the plant is large to begin with you might want to separate into several plants.  Replant the smaller ones in an area that you have prepared and voila! Wait for spring and Mother Earth will show you rewards!

Daylilies come in many different varieties. One of my favorite places to find them online is at Oakesdaylilies.  Happy Gardening!

Fall is here from the Impatient Gardener

Fall has finally come and the trees are turning, so where is the best place to see beautiful color this time of year? Since the trees need cold nights to change here are few places you might consider.

The New England area always comes to mind when considering the fall foliage. Possibly Massachusetts, New Hamphire or Vermont?

I live in Alabama and we’ve got some fantastic views at the Cheaha State Park. October – November is peak season for this park which is surrounded by the Talladega National Forest.  The drive is breathtaking any time of year but in the fall …

So slip on that sweater, grab some warm drinks and head out to enjoy the trees. Except for gas to get there it is virtually a free escape from all the cares of the day.

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My Garden…

I was a “late bloomer” to gardening, only getting into it after I turned fifty, because I was busy raising a family, moving around the U.S. and well, keeping up with my responsibilities. I should have known it was in my blood. My mother was a gardener. My brothers and sisters are gardeners; so it only stood to reason I would eventually fall in love with gardening as well.

There is nothing that clears the head better than digging in the soil. While working away among the blooms, the oxygen starts flowing, my head clears and all the worries and cares of the day seem to slip away. Whatever is worrying me seems to fade into the earth, leaving me feeling relieved and alive.

When I’ve finally feel purged, I sit under my pine trees to relax and take in the day. My pine trees gently moving in the breeze, full of birds. This time of year it is the little black birds, mockingbirds and hummers that come a callin’. Gardening is the best medicine and if you are a gardener you know that. If you do not garden take my word for it. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a good workout, too?

Gardening means you do not have to waste time, energy or gas driving going to the gym. You can save money on clothes because unlike gyms that require a certain kind of “work out” clothing, I can just grab whatever I want and head out to the garden. Well okay, I require a great pair of gloves and a good sun hat. Both are used and soiled from use. I have no one to impress except that row of flowers that couldn’t care less.

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